Introducing Not Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour with Amelia Coughlin

Photo of Amelia CoughlinAmelia Coughlin is a self-proclaimed “girl’s girl” but could also be described as a little rough around the edges. Picture Chelsea Handler and Rory Gilmore’s love child. When she saw a void in the way of bar trivia geared towards women in Charlotte, Amelia created a local female oriented trivia game called Not Your Boyfriend’s Trivia. The game ran for 2 years at several watering holes in the area until she decided to use that momentum and bring it to the airwaves. Amelia is a tried and true Charlottean who’s been described as a comedy nerd and entertainment junky. She enjoys wine, spicy food, and is the devoted cat mother of Howard (ask if you dare).

Not Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour, premiering Monday, February 1st at 7pm on Charlotte Community Radio, will be an interview style talk show. Every other Monday, until further notice, Amelia will interview a local woman who is making an awesome and unique contribution to our Charlotte community. The interviews will dig deep and share these women’s’ successes and struggles. You can expect to hear not only inspirational personal stories but also a little frivolous chit chat about things all women can relate to i.e. favorite local nail joint, pizza, or celebrity we love to hate. The show rounds out with an interactive trivia segment and some current news topics.

NYBRadioHour Show ImageNot Your Boyfriend’s Radio Hour, hosted by Amelia Coughlin, airs every other Monday from 7:00pm to 8:00pm via, or where you can chat with our hosts.

Amelia Coughlin ~ NYBRadioHour

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