Oral Fixation Dec 14th: Exploring the Exotic Arts

AFV Exotic Arts Burlesque Dancer ImageI co-hosted an all-girls event a few years ago that featured wine, gourmet cupcakes, chair massages, and lovely gifts, but what everyone remembers about that night was our lesson on the “exotic arts”. Not only were we privy to a few sensual performances, we were also schooled in such seemingly simple tasks as how to saunter into a room, maintain eye contact, sway our hips, and the like. It was great fun, and also a little daunting for some participants as it stretched them out of their comfort zones.

That experience has stayed with me and that’s why I invited Annie from AFV Exotic Arts to be on the December 14th show. I know she can provide a broader perspective on pole dancing and burlesque because her approach is about connecting the individual to their exotic self. Dancing isn’t about performing for someone else’s pleasure as much as it is about performing for one’s own pleasure. I look forward to hearing how the exotic arts have expanded her understanding of her sensual self, as well as hearing stories about how her clients were impacted as they learned to embrace their inner diva.

The next show, on December 28th, will be a re-broadcast of an earlier interview with Troy Spry of Xklusive Thoughts. He is a relationship coach and author who shared his take on what men really want in life and in relationships. Coming up in 2016, Oral Fixation will continue to focus on local individuals and organizations that are working to create a sexually healthier and happier community. For example, future shows will tackle the issue of human trafficking, highlight a sexy new web series produced in town, and feature a local couple who will share what marriage really looks like after the honeymoon wears off.

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