Oral Fixation Nov 16th: The Red Pump Project; Eroticism in Words

Oil On Canvas Painting by Gustav Klimt

Judith I – Oil On Canvas

Break out your favorite red shoes or tie! The Red Pump/Red Tie Affair is happening on December 5, 2015 in uptown Charlotte. This fabulous annual event combines fashion and philanthropy to bring awareness to how HIV and AIDS is affecting women and girls in our community, and it also celebrates local leaders who are making a positive impact. Jameka Whitten from The Red Pump Project will join me at the beginning of the hour to share more about how red pumps are raising awareness.

During the second portion of the show, we are going to explore the quote: “All art is erotic” said by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, known for his many paintings and murals of the female form. I think he meant that artistic inspiration often arises out of our primal desires, our most human experiences. Or as my kids have asked, “Is every song on the radio pretty much about sex?”

To discuss this further, I have invited local poets Melisa Graham and Bluz to join me in the studio to reflect on how eroticism influences their writing. They will share examples of their work, as well as talk about how the domestic and erotic aspects of life interplay and influence each other.

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Mark your calendar for our next show on Monday, November 30th when I will be joined by Dona Caine-Francis, sex therapist and author of Managing Menopause Beautifully. She is an expert on how mature singles and couples can keep their sex lives vibrant. Don’t miss it!

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