Oral Fixation Nov 2nd: What Men Want

Teach me How To Love Again eBook CoverAn interview with Troy Spry

Men and women have co-existed for millennia, and yet we still can’t seem to understand one another. I attended an event a few years ago which highlighted this disconnect. It was called “State of the Union” and it was hosted by relationship coach Troy Spry. About 40 singles sat in the back room of Enso at the Epicenter and shared their questions.

Women wanted to know why men became so passive. Men wanted to know how to be chivalrous without being condescending. Women felt there weren’t enough quality available men in the dating pool. Men felt women had unrealistic standards and expectations of them. Troy kept the conversations flowing and did a great job of keeping things positive and framing the frustrations as opportunities to communicate better.

Since that event, Troy has e-published a book called “Teach Me How To Love: A Man’s Journey Toward and Through Marriage”. I am pleased to have Troy join me on the next Oral Fixation show to discuss what he has learned personally about love and marriage, and how he helps others who long for meaningful relationships.

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Mark your calendar for our next show on Monday, November 16th when I will be joined by Charlotte poet Melisa Graham to discuss how the erotic influences art, and vice versa. I will be sharing some of my favorite erotic poems as well.

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