Oral Fixation September 21st: Boudoir Photography

Courtney by Lindsay Wynne

Before the selfie craze of recent years, photographers captured the allure of scantily clad women in a style of photography called boudoir. Since the 1920s, artfully arranged undergarments and suggestive poses have allowed women to feel sexy, desired and powerful. Today, boudoir photography is more popular than ever. It’s now common for brides to have a photo shoot and present the images to their new husband as a wedding gift. In other instances, middle-aged women do a boudoir shoot to show that they are still comfortable in their skin. Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes, find the process empowering.

On the next Oral Fixation, my guest will be Lindsay (Wynne) Hess, a Charlotte-based photographer that specializes in boudoir photography. She also has a fine art series that she is working on called River Women, where women are photographed in nature au naturale, and she is donating a portion of her proceeds to a local female-centric non-profit.

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