The Listening Spot August 31st: Arsena Schroeder

Arsena Schroeder Photo

Photo By Kevin Currie

Monday, August 31st, singer/songwriter Arsena Schroeder will be in the Charlotte Community Radio studio with me, Genae Boyd, the host of The Listening Spot. My show airs every Monday from 7pm to 9pm and it’s a mixed bag of musical styles from soul, funk, and gospel, to electronic and jazz.

Arsena is an independent artist from Charlotte, North Carolina whose debut album For My Artist Child was released this past December. The album includes 12 beautifully written songs that bring to mind a spiritual awakening to love, faith and purpose of life. Arsena tells the story of her soul’s journey through her music, a story we can all very much relate to. She opens up and gives us a raw and personal glance into her way of coming to know exactly who she is. I particularly like the songs Manna and Everything (Beauty For Ashes Remix), but all of the songs on this album are awe-inspiring. She is unashamed in displaying her need for the creator and letting it speak through her lyrics. And rest assured they are her words as all the songs on the album are written by her. She has an empowering way of expressing herself and has such a remarkable voice. Be prepared to be moved as she performs live in the studio.

Arsena Shroeder’s next performance is Friday, September 4th at The Evening Muse. Don’t miss out!

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