Introducing The Listening Spot With Genae Boyd

Genae Boyd PhotoGenae Boyd grew up listening to all types of music. At age 5, she learned to play the piano and gained an appreciation for tunes and harmony. From then on, she has been inspired by the way music can change an atmosphere, motivate people and bring all different types of people and personalities together.

She also enjoys serving and helping others in the community. Genae has had her hand at producing and editing and also enjoys to write. Always doing something behind the scenes, The Listening Spot will be her first go at hosting her own show. She tries to be an active listener, not just to music, but in general. The motto is to speak easy, listen hard.

About The Listening Spot

The Listening Spot - ImageGenae brings you a mixed bag of musical styles from soul, funk, and gospel, to electronic and jazz during the The Listening Spot. She’ll deliver anything from old school r&b to 80’s soft rock and even interviews of local community members.

The Listening Spot with Genae Boyd airs every Monday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm on, OR listen via where you can chat with the host and guests.

Press Up Next to view 2016 show recordings.


  1. Yes! I am so excited for you Genae! #keepmoving

  2. Way to go! Proud of you…

  3. So proud of you Genae. I most definitely will be listening. You truly know your music!!!

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