Underwrite Us

Underwrite UsInterested in getting the name of your business, organization or event heard by Charlotte Community Radio listeners? Underwrite us!

Charlotte Community Radio, a 501c3 non-profit organization, offers a special rate for our ground floor, building phase underwriters. As a volunteer-run, community-supported, internet-based radio station, our spots start at $10.00 with lower rates for multiple spots per week as follows:

1 spot/week (52 total) = $520 ($10.00/spot)
3 spots/week (156 total) = $1,092 ($7.00/spot)
10 spots/week (520 total) = $2,600 ($5.00/spot)

Let us help you find the right show(s) and time(s) for your underwriting announcement. Support us and join the list of current underwriters like Notorious Jazz, Croquet Records, 100 Gardens, The Charlotte Folk Society, and BrightFlow.

Contact us for more details.

Join Us! Let’s Build It Together!

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