Fair Game Topic Of The Week: Men vs Women

Men vs WomenThe classic phrase and book title, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, is not too far fetched. Men and women can view the exact same situation completely different. Men may feel like women overreact or overthink things, while women feel like men don’t think things through enough.

This week on Fair Game, Pierrea Javon, NellyP and another “Fair Guy” weigh in on the Fair Game Topic Of The Week: Men vs Women. The hosts will discuss how guys feel about certain things versus how women feel.

Let’s chat about how we all feel about the rise of the side chick. We’re going to find out what men prefer in a woman’s appearance. And those topics are just to get us started!
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Listen this Friday from 6pm to 7pm directly from our CharlotteCommunityRadio.org home page or join us in the chat room at Mixlr.com/CLTCRadio and tell us what you think about the topic, give us your opinion and feel free to suggest a topic for a future show.

“Life may not always be fair, but we are.”
VickyRo, Pierrea Javon and NellyP

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