Fair Game Topic Of The Week: Matters Of The Heart

Heart Shaped Pinterest ImageIf you’ve tuned into Fair Game before then you know we talk a lot about dating. We’ve discussed the do’s and don’ts of dating a few times and even talked about not being ready to date. This week on Fair Game, VickyRo, Pierrea Javon and NellyP are diving all the way in and discussing Matters Of The Heart.

We’ve all had our share of “breakups” to “makeups” and sometimes even back to breaking up. How do you move on and what happens when one person moves on and the other doesn’t? How do you handle the rejection? Maybe it’s a mutual split and you both know you just don’t need to be together.

When dealing with Matters Of The Heart life gets real tricky! We’re all still figuring it out and we want you to tell us what you think you’ve learned so far.

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“Life may not always be fair, but we are.”
VickyRo, Pierrea Javon and NellyP

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