This Week’s Fair Game Topic: Double Standards

Ladies and gents! Let’s talk Double Standards. As much as we want men and women to be equal, we have to acknowledge that sometimes we just are not. Double standards go both ways, sometimes in the woman’s favor and sometimes in the man’s favor.

Pinterest Image - Double StandardsThis week on Fair Game, VickyRo, Pierrea Javon and NellyP explore all the crazy double standards among men and women.

There is the infamous double standard, when a man with a lot of ladies is a “player” and seen as a cool guy, and on the flip side a woman with various men is umm… viewed as not so cool. Can double standards ever shift? What double standards do we see shifting right now in 2015? What double standard do you wish would just disappear? If you’re a woman or a man and there is a double standard that you’re glad exists, let us know!
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“Life may not always be fair, but we are.”
VickyRo, Pierrea Javon and NellyP

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