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Independent artist Arsena Schroeder, a Charlotte, North Carolina singer, songwriter and acoustic guitar player, released her first full-length album, For My Artist Child, today. This, her second release, features twelve “original songs about awakening your inner creativity in essence of truth, light and love all soaked in singer-songwriter and pop-soul genres, issues of empowerment, love, and cryptic faith that lyrically intertwined a mix meant to free and fuel the soul.” Abundantly, her first EP, was released back in January 2013 on BandCamp.

On November 1st, members from Charlotte Community Radio attended the For My Artist Child Album Listening Party. Melvin Nix dug into the album a little deeper and focuses his review on three songs that paint a vivid picture of Arsena’s journey.

For My Artist Child
All songs written, performed & arranged by Arsena Schroeder.
Produced, engineered & mixed by Pattrick McKenna.
Mastered by Jason Carter &  Album Artwork by Julio Gonzalez & Arsena Schroeder.

A Graceful Exchange
When you think of the word grace what does it mean to you? Grace is actually an extension of favor and goodwill based upon relationship. It involves an exchange of weakness for strength, forgiveness for failure and comfort for insufficiency.

For My Artist Child By Arsena Schroeder

Album Artwork by Jodi-Renee Uzoh

For My Artist Child, recorded at Rock University in Concord, is an eclectic and elegant mix of beautiful acoustic melodies intermingled with spiritual undertones that touch the heart and reveal a beautiful graceful exchange between a daughter and her father, an artist and her creator. The cry from a heart of gratitude and awe envelope each song in this work.

While listening to the songs she crafted for this album, you become familiar with the daughter who is growing and finding her way in the world on her own and making mistakes along the way, and then you see the graceful intervention of a loving Father and creator bringing restoration and support to her journey.

Glimpses of grace are revealed in the first track, “Tell Me It Was Love”, when Arsena sings “It’s not about what I can do for you, but what you’ve done for me. …I’ve been changed from a slave to a daughter.”

Unconditional love and forgiveness is expressed in track six, “In Awe”, as she sings about “Integrity is fidelity to a dream…but if I say one thing and then do another, what exactly does that mean? I’m in awe of You and what You’ve given to me, and to hide behind my insecurities, I refuse because all I have, all I am is yours!”.

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A genuine sense of remorse and regret can be felt as you listen to track eight, “Elephant in the Room”. This song details the disappointment of a daughter from the shortcomings of her father. It’s a very heartfelt but sobering unfolding of emotions as Arsena says, “I love you daddy, but the truth is that you were never here!”

For My Artist Child, by Arsena Schroeder, is a compilation of twelve songs that warms your heart, heals your soul and offers inspiration as you listen, visualize and absorb the beautiful music she has interwoven with words of encouragement.

Here’s a free sample of the grace you will come to know from listening to her music.

Physical copy of For My Artist Child can be found here: ArsenaMusic – StoreEnvy
Downloadable copy can be found here: CDBaby
Learn more about Arsena Schroeder here: ArsenaMusic

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