Introducing Voices From The Community

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Charlotte Community Radio is proud to introduce our second confirmed show: Voices From The Community with Bridget B..

She’s been delivering up two hours of jazz and international music here in Charlotte for a little over two years and volunteered at KBOO 90.7FM, a community-based radio station in Portland, Oregon, producing and hosting shows for close to five years so we think she might be a great fit for our internet-based community radio station. Oh yeah. She’s also the project manager for the station and she’s leading the charge on building this thing we’ve got goin’ here. 🙂

Bridget B. Sullivan

Feel free to hop on over to her site where she has several blog posts. You can listen to her shows via iTunes, Mixcloud or directly from the main page. On March 31st, our first beta testing day, you’ll be able to hear her live and soon you’ll see her blog post entries appearing here as well.

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